All photography provided by Jared Chambers

Since 1950, we have led the effort to permanently protect nearly 110 million acres of wilderness. We have been at the forefront of nearly every major public lands victory.


Our Mission

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Bedford has helped accomplish over 200 of its partners’ major conservation goals. They inspire everyone to care for the planet.
— John Smith, Nature Conservancy Magazine

What We Aim To Achieve

  • Our hope is that hundreds of thousands of Jews learn Talmud-based laws on consent and safe sexual encounter.
  • To reveal text-based Jewish laws that inform our conversation around consent.
  • To teach these values to our communities through revealing consent culture and the nuances of a true yes.
  • To introduce a new understanding of Talmudic law to Jewish communities of all demoniations.
  • In doing so, to ignite a contagious desire to learn Judaism in a new way.
  • And to ignite a contagious desire for consensual and truly safe sex.
  • To bring healing to those harmed by non consensual encounter.
  • And to prevent the recurrence of non-consensual advance to the best of our ability.